Mechanical & Electrical Packages

Our true speciality lies in our packaged mechanical and electrical installations, tying together all our primary services for a comprehensive solution to your building services requirements.

When a new build or refurbishment project needs a complete building services system rather than individual elements of it, the project can quickly become complicated and prone to delays due to the variety of suppliers and engineers required to work around each other.

Our comprehensive approach and widely skilled team ensure simplicity and cost savings with a clear project management structure and single point of contact for the client.

Planning cost effective installations

With multi-supplier approaches you often see time wasted in the simplest ways; every service access point has to be opened up multiple times for each plumber, electrician and engineer to install their particular ductwork or wiring. Our projects plan a more cohesive approach where teams used to working around each other do so at every stage, completing each stage of the mechanical and electrical project at the same time for a quicker and less complicated roll out.

Electrical installations and expertise

We can incorporate all aspects of electricity, from lighting systems to total power supply, through a specialist sister company that works alongside us on many of our projects. Integrating their services alongside ours maintains the single point of contact approach for our clients and ensures time saving and cost efficiencies are maximised through the package.

Complex planning for a perfectly executed installation

Our client focused, pro-active and problem solving approach applies well to these package projects, which require the most careful planning and design to ensure everything integrates perfectly and delivers just what you require. Working from the earliest concept stages, we consult and advise our clients in detail on every part of the heating, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing and drainage systems, expertly managing the entire project.

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We have worked on a variety of challenging and large-scale refurbishment and new build projects, providing the practical end of an architect's design or getting involved at the earliest stages of concept, planning and drawings.